Wednesday, December 19, 2012

When one is without fairies...

It's been a while since I've written about the house - mostly because the rennovations have been on vacation while I've been busy doing other things. Like avoiding rennovating. Unfortunatley, the rennovation fairies have not arrived in the night to complete my house (hmph) which means progress has been slower than a Kombi hauling 18 hippies, a dog and a box of apples up Mount Wellington... 

So last week meant a spur of activity else I fall into a bottomless pit of self loathing at my own laziness and unrennovated house.

The result? Other than a grumpy boyfriend who is probably wondering for the millionth time why he ended up with someone as irritatingly nutty as me, is:


Glorious, glorious doors. I wuv them. They are just the old doors, refreshed a little. A lot. Each door was sticky with gunk, so I scrubbed and sanded them, bogged the holes, then undercoated with The World's Stinkiest Paint. When mum handed over this paint, she said "you'll love working with this, it goes on great and you won't need to do a second undercoat. Careful as it dries quickly though!"

Have you ever watched the episode of Pimp My Ride where they paint a car chrome? No? Well basically its about 6 guys working at top speed on the same panel slapping this shiny paint all over the place so it coats evenly before it dries. Madness. You Tube it. That's how I felt working with this paint. Except I didn't end up with a chrome supercar. Just some doors which look good (10 feet away when the light doesn't shine on them). At least they aren't sticky anymore :) 

Oh, and you know what I've learnt since rennovating? Everyone always gives you the awesome can't-live-without advice of the Century... when it's all too late. Learn from my mistakes. Read this blog before rennovating. Or better yet, marry an old rich guy and have him build you houses so you never need to rennovate. Le sigh.

Soooo, apparently when you take a heap of stinky sticky doors off your house and stack them up in your garage, nasty moisture creeps up the unlacquered under parts and makes the doors swell. This leads to arguments between you and someone else that goes something like:

"Is this the right door for (blah room)?"
"Yep, sure is"
"How do you know? It's not written on the door".
 "I just know (because I've been slaving over these damned things for days now. DAYS!!!)"
"Well it doesn't fit so it can't be right"
"It is the RIGHT GODDAMNED DOOR!!!!1!!"

So yeah. Stack doors on the flat. Then you won't need to sand off all your pretty paint and redo it all again later on.

Ooo, I have cornice now too. Yet to be painted obviously, but it fixes the problem of "Cornice that went around Cupboard of Doom" in the laundry...

...and now I can have a shower without worrying about charlie fluff and spiders getting me in the nude.

Also, other exciting things that happened since forever ago, pantry shelves!

I love my pantry shelves. They hold all my foods in the one place and make me feel rich. Why? Because if you have food in your pantry, clothes on your back, a roof over your head and a place to sleep, you're richer than 75% of the world. Watch me gloat over my pasta like it's bricks of solid gold, okay?

Also, my lounge room now has flooring!

Yes, for some reason my cats prefer not to sit on comfy furniture.

And if you stand in the right spot, squinting, after a few beers, you can actually trick yourself into thinking the WHOLE HOUSE HAS FLOORING!! Not really. But it sounds good.

I love putting this stuff down. Really. It's something I can do myself, it's straightfoward, hard to bugger up, and I get to use the drop saw. Win! Plus, instant results. No painting the same thing over and over. And over again. Just roll out the underlay, clip the boards together, and voila! Can't wait to get the rest of it down. I've warned my lovely man that when the next batch arrives I'm going to turn into a woman possessed and not sleep, eat, or shower until it's all down. He's looking forward to that, fo sho.

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