Saturday, February 9, 2013

“It isn't so much what's on the table that matters, as what's on the chairs.”

Have I told you about my kauri pine kitchen table? Its a simple sort of thing, kauri top and turned blackwood legs, its story spread out across it's top in the form of marks and dents and grooves and stains.  It's had an interesting journey, my table. I'm not sure of its age, although it's had a meat mincer attached at some point, had its caster wheels removed and some smartie pants thought it would be a good idea to laquer the top and change the original mounts by screwing it to the frame instead. I've replaced the casters, but other than that it graces my dining room in its original form (I may sand the top back one day - kauri is the sort of timber that doesn't require protection, as it loves water and is traditionally kept raw).

Many cat bums have been sat on this table since I've owned it. Ahem. If you ever come to eat at my house, I do wipe it down. Regularly. Most of the time...

Anyway. It's about time my table had some company! Of course, you think! Some chairs! Easy. Simply walk into a shop and buy some country style chairs and, voila! You're done.

Ha. HAHA. HAHAHA! If you seriously think that, you don't know me very well. Because I've been on Pintrest. And I've been inspired by....

Mismatched chairs!!!

You can find these on my Home Inspiration board here: I know I can imbed these suckers here somehow but I'm not caring enough to learn at this point! :P

Anyway, aren't they pretty? I looooove it. So, minimal dollars in one hand, reluctant and ever suffering man gripped in the other.... off to the tip shop we went!!

Hobart has quite a variety of tip shops. A tip shop crawl (similar to a pub crawl, without the beer, but somewhat cheaper) sends you in all directions across the city, scouring amongst the bent banana lounges and unrecognisable wooden mishappen furniture, seeking out cheap and sturdy finds...

We had luck! And potentially only 3 disagreements! What can I say, it was a hot day :) my refusal to purchase anything bentwood style was met with much dramatic arm waving. But trust me, you might not know what bentwood is, but you know what I mean. There's one in that last picture, the red and yellow thing on the right. Unstable mofos that they are, all wobbly legs and top heavy. Every small child's nightmare, I reckon they would take out the award of most toppled over chair ever, if there was such an award. I haaaaaattttteee bentwood chairs. Haaaatttteee........ 

Anyway. Enough of the furniture hatred. Here are my chairs!

My favourite is at the front, and was actually bought over GumTree. It's an old oak number in need of some serious love!

Next, to pick what colours they shall be!! Of course, this is a very convenient fun project which means I get to ignore the things I really should be doing in my house.... *evil laugh*. What?! *innocent look* don't look at me like that...

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Flooring, glorious flooring

If you've been wondering where I've been, and why I haven't updated my blog, that's because I've been sitting on top of a large pile of floorboards, alternating between stroking them and whispering sweet nothings and throwing my head back in triumphant laughter.  What is that evil cackling in the background? Oh, Jess' final batch of floorboards must have arrived!!!

The dining room and the kitchen came together fairly well (although I was cheeky and skipped doing the boards going into the pantry "to a later date" (hoping those damned fairies might turn up, no sign of them next).

Next was up the hallway, fairly problem free. This is the point where I gasped, with my hand to my chest in a very feminine way (yep, I definitely didn't curse like a sailor and make large wavvy hand motions), and realised, holy fuck, I need to start in my BEDROOM and meet the hallway, because these damn boards dont really lay backwards. Heh. 

So starting in a completely different room, and then coming along the small part of the hallway to meet the rest of the hallway, was an utter act of faith that the walls were square and equal and the planets were aligned and the moon was in the right phase (Taurus, probably) so that things just worked. And guess what....?

They did!!! Amazing. I must have bargained with the right god that day. (Is there a god of renovating? If not, there should be).

Having flooring in my bedroom is amazing by the way. To be able to change the bedding and actually put the cover-less doona on the floor is a beautiful thing. To hop out of bed and place my feet on silky smooth, lovely boards, is a great way to start the day.  Just think on that, next time you get out of bed, and wiggle your toes into your carpet or whatever it is that covers your floors. There are people out there, like me, who have lived on nasty, dusty concrete. Or worse.  If you are not grateful for your floor coverings, well in my opinion you damned well should be. Hmph.

So the next part was heading into the bedrooms. The final phase. The last in the series. The grande finale. Unfortunatley this involved going through doorways, which are in the same direction of the boards. This means, spending a whole frigging hour on three boards, measuring, cutting, sqeezing, hammering.... arguing and having a barney about how to go about it.... me using the word "fine then" in a grumpy manner and meaning that it is not very fine at all.

It's amazing that Daniel has survived this far really. Credit to him, for sticking with the crazy flooring lady who stares red eyed at the clock and mumbles ""

I'm happy to announce that the spare room is done! This is the nasty room, the room of doom... its looking pretty darn good now. 

So just one room to go! Once the tricky strupid I-hate-you-so-much doorway bits are done, it should only be a night or three to get the rest down (or one solid weekend day. You know, those days on the weekends where you have nothing planned so you can focus on your renovation? No? Me neither). And then done! *cough*other than all the fiddly bits like cupboards, wardrobes and pantry that I've cleaverly avoided *cough*

Ah, the end of the road is so close I can almost see it. Unfortunately, it looks like a roller and involves paint... but we're not thinking about that right now.

Oh, and in other news, I have a washing machine now. Thanks mum *kiss kiss*

*sigh* the pictures doing the "to the side" thing again? Really? Get a new trick already!

Zed thinks that watching washing is pretty awesome cat entertainment. Goes to show how much of an awesome entertaining cat mum I am. I wonder if that's considered cruelty?

Did I tell you about the Great Clothesline Disaster? No?

Well it was a dark and stormy night.... no, it wasn't actually. We haven't had decent rain in months. It was a bright and washing-friendly day, and I was doing my thing, and talking to mum on the phone at the same time, when I pulled a sheet of the clothes line.  Apparently unpegging without full attention is clotheslinespeak for "kill and maim owner" because then the line, without warning decided to collapse my general direction. Much unlady like jumping and shrieking ensued. I didn't die, you'll be glad to know. The line is now significantly shorter (have you ever priced a new Hills hoist?! Oh lordy those things must be gold on the inside, or made with the skeletons of blonde haired babies. True story), and hopefully not prone to falling on my head again.