Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Showered in Love

Thanks to my lovely man and his handy dad, I now have a shower!! Which is a very important and wonderful thing. Obviously.

Now gather round and let me tell you a story, so you can learn from my mistakes and also join a special club of people who don't believe in the lies that the-box-something-came-in tells you. TRUST NO-ONE, MY FRIENDS. That is the moral of this story.

Once upon a time there was a naive young lady who thought it might be fun to buy a shitbox house and renovate it. Part of this renovation was redoing the bathroom which of course means replacing a really bad, old, tiled leaking shower with a lovely new one.  Assessing the size of the bathroom and the size of her budget, naive young lady purchased a 900x900 shower screen.

LIES. The overall space required to fit the screen is 900x900, but not the screen itself, BECAUSE IT HAS BRACKETS THAT HANG OUT. WAT. 


Anyway, luckily it didn't make a huge difference to me in this case, but now I shall forever tell, harass, shout from the hills and look any renovating nutter I know straight in the eye even if they don't want my advice and say.... buy your bits and pieces, open the boxes, measure yourself, and then, and only THEN, make plans for where all your stuff is going to go, because to you, the difference between a true 900 and a real 860 might make all the difference.


I have a new shower. Aint it pretty?!

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